Who's Who in Committee

  • Chair: Leader of the committee. Research topic and writes background guide, directs debate, and ensures committee runs smoothly. Typically the most knowledgable about parliamentary procedure, committee, and topic. You can find your chair’s name and e-mail address in the committee description.
  • Vice Chair: Assists the chair in moderating debate and helping to run the committee. Typically fields questions and notes from delegates during committee. Assists the chair with researching and writing the background guide and assumes responsibilities of the chair if he/she is absent. Many vice chairs have included their bios and e-mails in the committee background guide.
  • Delegate: Individual member in the committee that typically represents one position, country, or person.
  • Delegation: The group of students a school brings to a conference.
  • Advisor: The faculty leader(s) or teacher(s) that manage the delegation.
  • Page: Passes notes between delegates and the dais.