Position papers are required and necessary. They will be required to win an award and chairs frequently use position papers to identify students who have gone above and beyond in preparing for the conference.

To submit position papers, please e-mail them as an attachment to your USG. Please try to group position papers by school and indicate what committee each paper is for.

A position paper is a brief research paper that outlines your assigned position’s stance on the topics of the committee as well as possible solutions that could be crafted.

Position paper guidelines:

  • Generally one to two pages (single space) per topic.
  • Includes committee name, position/country name, and school.
  • Typed
  • If in a double delegation committee, you only have to submit one position paper.
  • Footnotes/in-text citations are not necessary, but a works cited/bibliography is encouraged at the end of the paper.

A typical position paper is structured as follows:

  1. Brief introduction and overview of the issue and its history
  2. Past UN/international actions taken on the issue
  3. Your country/position’s stance on the issue, including relevant policies and past actions taken
  4. What your country/position thinks should be done to address the issue
  5. Possible solutions the committee could come up with – think creatively!

Position papers are very helpful for guiding research and helping delegates formulate clear ideas on the issues and their country’s stance. Writing position papers does not have to be daunting or complicated, but will greatly help students prepare for the conference.

For more information on position papers and how to write one, visit these links or contact your committee’s chair or Under-Secretary-General.

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